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The best 7 spots to take pictures in Lima

The New York Times considered Lima as one of the best cities to travel, so if you are planning to visit the “City of Kings” soon, here we recommend you the best spots to take pictures.


1. Bajada Balta bridge in Miraflores

The Bajada Balta bridge is a beautiful place for pictures, with a cobbled floor anda very romantic architectural style. Furthermore, the bridge of wood gives a vintage look and you can watch the famous Villena bridge from here.


2. Park of Love

The park of love is one of the classic places in the famous district of Miraflores without a doubt. “The kiss”, made by the artist Víctor Delfín, is the main sculpture of the park and represents love through a couple kissing passionately. The park is also surrounded by beautiful mosaics, which were inspired by the Park Güell in Barcelona. If you come with your partner to Lima, take a picture with the famous sculpture and get a walk contemplating the sea.


3. Villena bridge

The Villena bridge was inaugurated in 1967 and it is the most representative construction of the district of Miraflores. The bridge bears its name, in honor of Mayor Eduardo Villena Rey and it has recently been remodeled, so at night when the lights are lit, it gives life to the boardwalk.


4. The lighthouse of  the“ Marina de Guerra” of Perú in Miraflores

The Lighthouse of the Navy is one of the most emblematic places of Lima. It was built in 1900 in Punta Coles, Ilo, Moquegua south of Peru (almost reaching Chile), but in December of 1973 it was transferred to Lima and rebuilt by the Peruvian Navy to commemorate a century of Peruvian navigation. This beautiful monument represents a history and that is why you should not miss it. In addition, the views to the Ocean in summer time are amazing!

5. Puente de los Suspiros in Barranco

The legend says that when you are passing through this bridge, you can make wish, but you shouldn’t breathe so it is fulfilled! Moreover, el Puente de los Suspiros is one of the most romantic and traditional bridges in Lima. So many couples choose this bridge to propose marriage.


6. Graffitis in Barranco

Barranco is one of the most bohemian and artistic districts of Lima. Therefore, if you like the urban style and the graffiti photos you can’t miss the murals of “Bajada de Baños” where you can find the most beautiful and colorful mural paintings made by talented Peruvian artists. All the art in here comes with social and political message.


7. Boulevard Bordemar in Barranco

If you are looking for a place to walk and eat near to the sea, go ahead and check the Boulevard Bordemar, a collection of restaurants facing the sea in Barranco. Go with your friends and you will portrait the best photos with the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the best sunsets’ views from this Boulevard.

*All the pictures by @lacamaradescarlet. 

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