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 Integration Week in Universidad del Pacifico

It is for one week now that I am discovering Lima and its culture, and it already feels like an amazing experience.

“Chilling” would be the perfect word to describe the lifestyle here. You can enjoy the sun while drinking a beer in the artsy and bohemian district of Barranco with some latin music, realize your dream to become a true surfer or even get to “fly” (paragliding) around Miraflores while overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

If you are planning to do an exchange in Lima and you want to easily meet people, I would recommend you to live with some flatmates. Thanks to “Nomadroof”, I found a great 7-bedroom apartment in Miraflores and met really cool people to hang out with. In fact, while I am writing this article, I am living my best life; having my breakfast on our rooftop with the sun shinning on my face, listening to chill music, and having a nice view of the city. What else can I ask for? Living in an apartment with some flatmates allowed me to meet people from my university really fast, and now we are a small family.

When I just arrived, I asked myself a common question that almost all the new students have: How do I meet new people without having to go to a bar and talking to strangers that might not even speak your language? The answer is attending THE INTEGRATION WEEK.

During the INTEGRATION WEEK, we have some activities that are organized everyday. You can see below the different activities.

The most important ones are the “Welcome Day” and the “Welcome Party”.  In the Welcome Day, you will visit your University, get to know more about the life in Lima, meet your local buddy that will answer your questions, and talk to other exchange students. It is essential to go in order to have all the information about your stay and the events that take place within the university. The funniest activity of this week is the “Welcome Party”. It is the best time to laugh and spend good moments with people from all over the world. As a partier myself, I can tell you that you have everything you need to spend the most amazing night. Do you you want to eat? There is a food truck waiting for you. Do you want to dance? There is a big garden where electronic or reggaeton music is played for you. Do you want to drink? There is a bar that will have the local drink “pisco sour” for you.

You can even play drinking games inside the venue. Buy some beers and challenge your new friends in a beer pong game. So as can you see, you can find EVERYTHING fun in here! 

This is just the beginning of my exchange semester and I am already excited by my new life. Follow me and join me in the next adventures in Peru. Who knows? Maybe one day it will be yours…

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