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Exchange Student at Universidad del Pacifico

Life at Universidad del pacifico

It is already one month that I have been studying at the Universidad del Pacifico, so it is now the moment to share my experience. If you are planning to do your exchange in Lima, read this article carefully!

Let’s try to explain why I did choose Peru to do an exchange semester. The main reason was that I wanted to discover another continent that was different from Europe. I wanted to leave my comfort zone in order to live my own adventure. Going to foreign countries is the most enriching life experience that could happen to you. Discovering new cultures and way of thinking can change your life and will teach you a lot about yourself as a human being and the people you meet. It helps you to decide who you want to be and to open your mind to other life perspectives. While I had already travelled in Africa and North America, I had never been to South America before. I had the opportunity to choose between several countries in South America, but I finally elected Peru for the diversity of the landscapes and climates, the infinitive activities, and the rich culture.

After deciding on Peru, I look for the website of the Peruvian universities available for exchange and found Universidad del Pacifico, which is the best University of Peru in business and the university I finally decided to study for my semester abroad. While it is one of the smallest university of Lima, the campus appeared still way bigger than my mother university. I am very happy with my choice, and I have the feeling that I will never get bored or watch similar landscapes twice. Lima and Peru is very active and diverse! 

Buddy up program:

Once you got accepted into the semester abroad at UP and before landing in Peru, the International Office (Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales-ORI in Spanish) of UP will send an email asking if you would like to have a buddy: just answer YES. A buddy is a current local student from UP who will help you feel like you are at home by telling you where to go, answering your questions or even inviting you to some local events happening in the big city of Lima. I feel really lucky, because I have the perfect buddy. She is always there for me, wants to get to know me and hang out as good friends. She is like a little sunshine. It is a really great idea that the university decided to implement this program since exchange students feel more reassured to have someone that they already “know” before arriving to Lima. Moreover, when you arrive in Lima, they would create a WhatsApp group for all the exchange, and a Facebook group for the current semester which allows everyone to be in contact with each other, to ask questions about classes and to be aware of the upcoming events. They also have great connections for partying in Lima, because they can add you to the guest list in the nightclubs/discos and enter for free.

This buddy program feels like a cool summer camp where everyone is able to meet people from all over the world, with, of course, books and exams added to it.

Classes at Universidad del Pacifico:

If you are not obliged to earn a lot of credits to valid your semester like me and you would like to enjoy your exchange as much as possible, I would advise you to take four classes. This number of classes is great, because you will be totally immersed into the student life, but at the same time you will have more time to travel and to go out with your new friends. It is the best balance to have. When it is the moment to choose your classes, it will be necessary to take into account three things such as: at what time a course you are taking is taking place, what is the language of the lesson (English or Spanish) and if the subject appeals to you. Quite difficult, right? Do not forget to analyze in advance the syllabus of the different classes and plan everything on a paper so you can take some time to manage your schedule.

The university:

UP is really big so you can get lost easily. Make sure to memorize where your classes are going to take place (there are 3 buildings) so you don’t arrive late. I love Universidad del Pacifico, because you have the possibility to do different activities at the campus and everything you need is there. You can find a book shop, study rooms, libraries, four mains places where you can eat and study, places to print your documents, cash distributors and people that are available to help you for multiple exchange student duties such as banking or directions in Lima!

My two favorite places to have food are: the salad bar and the one that I called the “Amazonian” place, because of its tropical rooftop. The salad bar is really nice, because you can create your own salad dish; putting everything you like while eating healthy. Also, if you get to the number 8 salad, the ninth salad dish is for free which is really nice for a student on a budget.

I really love the “Amazonian” place, because they are selling natural juices and cakes (I would recommend to everyone the chocolate banana cake, it is delicious). You can also work and study in the “Amazonian” venue or  take a small nap after a long day in the confortable sofas.

My exchange semester at Universidad del Pacifico is 10 out of 10 so far, and the greatest of all is the cool people you meet; the faculty, the ladies at the International Office (ORI) that are always there to help you, the buddies, the local students and the international students. I am living an enriching experience and getting to learn a lot about myself. UP is a really good university in which it is easy to flourish thanks to its academic qualifications and its strong exchange program.

 For more info about student life at Universidad del Pacífico click on this link:

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