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Adventurous travel in Iquitos and the Peruana Amazonia

Iquitos and Amazon River are an ideal place for lovers of the eco-tourism, and for the ones who want to feel an intimate contact with the virgin nature of the Amazon rain forests. From the city you will be able to go to jungle lodges, and for the most adventurous and fearless you can arrive to protected natural areas, full and plethoric with exuberant flora and fauna, with many undiscovered places, and many alive species unknown by science.

Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon, is the largest city in the world inaccessible by car. Indeed, you can only go there by boat or plane, which fits well with its unique character. Iquitos is not easily tamed, but one thing is certain: it fascinates.

The most traditional way to visit Iquitos is to spend 3 or 4 days in the Amazon jungle. Many agencies offer a similar tour in the jungle.


On the first day, you have to leave Iquitos, taking first a tuktuk, then a van, then a tuktuk again and finally a small boat to finally start the adventure on the great river. If you are lucky, your boat does not break down…. We had been on a boat for 1 hour when the engine broke down, in the middle of the river, with no one around, not very reassuring… So, we waited for the local taxi boat to pass by and take us on to finish our journey. In total: 4 hours by boat planned, we finish with at least 6 hours on the river…. It’s hot, it’s sunny, we’re with locals, the landscape is beautiful, well… there are worse things to do!

We enjoy a beautiful sunset at the end of the boat trip, lost in the middle of nowhere in the jungle. Unbelievable! Movements and agitations appear in the water around us: pink dolphins. Even more incredible!

Then, depending on the option you have chosen for your trip, you arrive in a more or less comfortable place. Some agencies offer lodges, another possible option is camping and sleeping outside in the jungle, it’s up to you!

Anyway, the locals are very welcoming and will cook you very good Peruvian dishes, always important to fill your stomach well…


Before going to bed, little experience: walking in my jungle in the dark night in search of local animals… It is better to be serene! This night expedition will remain memorable: toad, tarantula, snake, and all this not far from the place to sleep… enough to give you chills!

The next day we will go on a walk through the jungle to admire the spectacular nature of the Amazon. During this trip, the guide explains everything, you can see different species of birds, the plants that surround us and other indigenous animals. Depending on the season and the recommendation of the guide, we will also sail to the island of the monkeys. The island is a true natural paradise where eight different species of primates live, in addition to the sloth bears.

During the night time you will have the chance to go out on the boat to look for alligators with only lanterns and the natural light of the night. Seeing the reflection of the alligator’s bright and vivid eyes staring back at you from the darkness is what adventures are made out of!


The last day, fishing piranhas will make you crazy! Indeed, this is not a simple fishery: piranhas eat everything on the hook without almost ever getting caught!

We got the chance to see a sloth in his natural environment right next to where we were sleeping… a very impressive animal. Our guide always told us “in the jungle, everything is possible”! Indeed, after the 3 days we have lived, we can say that: in the jungle, everything is possible!

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