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Finding a room and flatmates in Lima


Before coming to Lima I didn’t really know if I should live solely in an apartment with my French friend that I knew from before and was coming to Lima as well or with new flatmates that I wouldn’t known at all. In fact, living with someone that you know seems easier since it feels like “home”- Later however, I would realize that this is not true always, because you can easily create a new home with new people and get to live the full international experience abroad.

Then, I asked myself: “wait, you are already going on an adventure, why not continuing with it?” I threw the dices and decided to find a room in an apartment to share with new flatmates, and this was fortunately the second-best choice I have ever made this year after deciding to go to South America.

How was all the process? I did a lot of research and posted on Facebook groups, but nothing seemed trusted or fit what I was looking for. My trip to Peru was approaching and I had no accommodation yet- with the experience I got now as an international student looking for accommodation everywhere, I highly recommend future students to find a room with anticipation, specially if you want to live in a student house or apartment in Miraflores.  

I was getting a bit worried when suddenly magic happened! I found the Nomadroof website in my search and fell in love with an apartment and its rooftop which looked really bright in the pictures. I knew it was the one (yes, I am adding a little romantic touch to my story). Good news was that there was 1 last room available and 6 people had already booked in this 7-bedroom student apartment: 4 French, 1 Peruvian and 1 American, and 4 of them would go to the same University as me (Universidad del Pacifico). It was definitely my lucky day. I was already imagining myself in the rooftop; drinking my beer while watching the sunset with my new friends. So with no time to lose, I sent a request to get the room. After a fast and smooth booking process, I received the best notification ever: “Booking Confirmed”.


It is a bit scary to go and live with people you have never met. What if I don’t get along with the flatmates? Or if I feel uncomfortable in my own apartment? Don’t worry, you’ll realize that the new flatmates are in the same situation and they want to meet people too so they are open-minded. Don’t hesitate to contact them before arriving so you can talk a bit and feel more reassured.

It was good to take the risk since now I am hanging out, going out and traveling with my flatmates. I am happy to come home and to have some people to chill with in our cute rooftop. 

You should challenge yourself sometimes. Most of the times you’ll not regret it and you’ll create unforgettable memories that you can keep forever.

So, now that you have read this article, will you dare to live with new flatmates?

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