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Getaway weekend in Huanchaco,Trujillo

I have written a lot about trekking trips recently, now it is time to talk about some relaxing destinations. It is amazing to challenge yourself but sometimes your body needs some relaxing moments. If The north coast of Peru is the perfect place for that.


How to get to Huanchaco?

Taking the bus from Lima to Trujillo is possible. There can be a lot of people at the bus station so I would recommend you arrive at the station at least 1 hour before the bus departure. Once you arrive at Trujillo’s bus station, you’ll have to take a taxi to go to Huanchaco. It takes approximately 13 minutes and you should pay around 10/15 soles.

Where to stay in Huanchaco ?

I would recommend the Madwoods Hostel. You’ll be able to start the day well with a good breakfast. There is also a baby foot (really important), a swimming pool and mostly a hammock place. You’ll fall asleep for sure with the sound of the waves and the sun heating your skin.

What about the city?

The city is a touristic destination. Huanchaco was originally a peaceful fishing hamlet. You’ll be able to see all along the beach some narrow reed boats. Some fishers are still using these old boats.

Huanchaco is a beautiful city and its sunset is making it look like a postcard picture.

What to do?

There are not a lot of things to do in this north coast city but to chill. If you are a surf lover you might find your happiness there with good waves and some surfing hostels.

Moreover, it is nice to walk around during the night and to have drinks in some hostels. You’ll be able to enjoy some music while drinking some Piscos: what a good life! And if you are a musician do not hesitate to bring your instrument you might join the band for the night.

For the food lover like me, go to “Chocolate”. They have delicious dishes such as some salty pancakes or some burritos for example. It is either good for lunch or to have breakfast. One recommendation: do not forget to taste one of their desserts, they are so yummy.

Furthermore, there are historical things to see around such as – ChanChan which is the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas. You’ll learn a lot about the Incas ritual. It is 10 minutes away from Huanchaco by bus.

Huacas del Sol y de la Luna pyramid containing well preserved colourful murals. The fame of the site is due to its massive pyramids but also for the Huaca de la Luna temple which was used for ritual purposes such as human sacrifices.


Trujillo is a great city to visit. The centre is nice and there are a lot of shops and some animations on the street. The main place is quite cute and dynamic at the end of the day. Trujillo is colourful and will warm your heart. Moreover, you should visit the cathedral. This atypical yellow infrastructure is beautiful.

Two places to see too are the municipal palace and the monument of freedom. They are all located in the Plaza de Armas. I would advise you to stay in Huanchaco during the night because it is less expensive. 

So, what are you waiting? Take your ticket, your swimsuit and enjoy the good vibes.

Useful info:

  • Lima – Trujillo: 66 soles by bus
  • Trujillo – Huanchaco: 10/15 soles
  • Madwoods Hostel: Dormitory with 8 beds 7 euros the night (breakfast included)
  • Trujillo Combo Tour: Temple of the Dragon, Chan Chan and Huanchaco: 41 dollars
  • Hostels to have a drink in Huanchaco: Moksha Yoga, Frogs Hostel, Mandala Youth
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